Slide Design Project

Message: One of the hardest parts of going through depression for me is how people reacted. I was going through some really challenging times that would have brought down even the happiest of people, but the problem I faced is that no one in my circle of support knew how to connect with me. I didn’t want to be told that I didn’t have it that bad, or that it will get better. What I needed was a hug and someone saying they were there for me.

When this RSA short came onto my Facebook feed, I felt like this was written for me. It helped me understand not only myself, but the people around me so I was able to understand why people reacted the way they did. I wouldn’t wish depression onto anyone, but I am glad I went through it because from that experience I have learned how to be empathetic, which is such a wonderful trait.

I watched the video several times to find 7-10 points that I could make into slides. Once I found the points I chose a theme. I thought of how I really love when it’s partially cloudy outside, when there are tons of clouds but the sun peaks through. It reminded me a lot of empathy because empathy is something bright shining through dark clouds. With each point I chose an image I thought represented it. I made the images black and white to give more of the cloudy feel I wanted to my words could be golden. The last slide I wanted to be bright to contrast against all the darkness and to sum up what empathy is. I found a perfect golden-orange image with a bunch of people enjoying a sunrise. I thought that very well symbolized connecting with each other.

Inspiration: My inspiration comes from an RSA Short by Dr. Brene Brown titled Empathy. I couldn’t find a transcript but you can watch the YouTube video uploaded by RSA on December 10, 2013 here or below.

Audience: My audience is for anyone interested in learning how to communicate more effectively with others. Empathy is such an interesting concept, but it becomes easier the more you practice it. Through this slideshow it shows what empathy is.

Color Scheme: Complimentary Blue and Orange. I wanted the feel to be like a storm and the sun.

Story Board:



Critique Report: I uploaded my project onto the Facebook page where I was able to get quite a bit of constructive feedback. Sharon C. suggested I carry on the frames to meet both sides of the picture and she noticed an inconsistency. Lisa W pointed out I wasn’t as consistent with my text as I thought I was. Wayne gave me the suggestion of not using all caps on some words.

I loved all the feedback and made the changes needed. Then I posted the changes again to see if there was anything else I missed or could change. Serene pointed out one slide was a bit difficult to read and suggested breaking my last slide into two parts to make it less wordy. I agree that my last slide was originally too wordy but I couldn’t figure out how to shorten it. I took her advice and loved how the finish product looked when I broke it into two slides.

Font- Pristina (Script) and Garamond (Oldstyle)

    Sebastien Gabriel
    Liane Metzler
    Mari Helin-Touminen
    Claire Anderson
    Annie Spratt
    Michelle Spencer
    Tord Sollie
    Blake Richard
    Timothy Ah Koy
    Sue Huan

7 thoughts on “Slide Design Project

  1. I have recently been trying to understand empathy so this slideshow was perfect. I thought that the pictures went very well with the words on the slides. The colors went great together. Great job on your project and for your insights on this topic.


  2. I love how you have an overcall incorporated color scheme. That’s very hard– well at least for me. I really like the contrasting fonts you used to emphasize. It’s very smart and creative. Great job!


  3. Steph, I found your link on another classmates link and I’m so glad you left it because this was enlightening for me as I became your audience and learned from your presentation. All that you incorporated into your project was thorough so well done. Your color scheme holds true and so do your images. Your font has variety and give good texture. I most appreciated reading your process. I really learned from reading how you did your project and why you chose it. You made me feel connection. Thanks!

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